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Ministers from the 149-member World Trade Organization hope to wrap up the meeting with a statement paving the way to approval next year of a sweeping multilateral trade liberalization pact.

Poor countries have bristled at what they call excessive demands made on them to open their economies to manufactured goods and services in exchange for access to agricultural markers in the industrialized world.

Developing countries have also made clear their exasperation with what they say is a vague offer from developed nations to give about 50 of the world's poorest states duty-free and quota-free access for their exports.

West African cotton producers are meanwhile pressing the US to eliminate the generous subsidies it pays to U.S. contton growers,which they say depress world prices and keep them mired in poverty.

The draft text would see export subsidies for cotton in developed countries scrapped next year but the African response was dismissive.

"We are not happy .This is not what we were looking for,which was the elimination of domestic subsidies. On that, there is no date,nothing,"said Francois Traore,head of the African Cotton Producrers Association.

Among developed countries, the U.S. and the E.U. are locked in a squabble over government support for farmers and import tariffs on agricultural produce.

The EU has come under intense pressure to offer deeper cuts but has steadfastly refused to change its position.

The EU has also refused to agree to a date by which export subisdies would be abolished on the grounds that the U.S. has not made an equivalent commitment on its export credits and food aid programs,which the EU sees as trade-distorting.

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    來自149名成員的世界貿易組織的部長希望結束會議, 一個陳述明年使一個全面的多邊的貿易自由化條約的贊成可能。窮國已經對忿怒 他們叫過高需求在他們上打打開他們經濟給產品和服務交換對在被工業化的世界內的農業記分員的進入。開發中國家也已經說明用他們說的的他們的激怒是 來自發達國家的一個含糊的報價分佈世界的最貧窮的國家免稅和他們的退場門的無定額的進入中的50。西非棉布製片人同時熨美國消除它到美國支付的豐富補貼  棉花種植者,他們說壓下世界價格並且保持他們被在貧困裡使陷入困境。草稿正文看見給在發達國家的棉花的退場門補貼廢棄明年,但是非洲回應是拒絕的。  "我們不愉快。 這不是我們正尋找的,這是消除國內補貼。在那,沒有日期,沒有什麼," 弗朗索瓦Traore 說,非洲人棉花生產者協會的頭。在發達國家,美國中  以及E.U。  被在農業農產品上鎖在對政府對農場主和進口稅率的支援的一次爭吵裡。   歐盟已經受強烈的壓力影響提供更深的切,但是已經固定拒絕改變它的立場。 歐盟也拒絕同意以美國為由的退場門補貼被廢除的一日期  沒關於它的退場門信用証和食品援助計畫做相等的承諾,歐盟作為歪曲貿易看見。

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    來自各世界的149名成員的世界貿易組織的部長希望會議結束, 一個陳述明年使一個全面的多邊的貿易自由化條約贊同可他們叫過高需求在他們上打打開他們經濟給產品和服務交換對在被工業化的世界內的農業記分員的進入。

    開發中國家也已經說明用他們說的的他們的激怒是 來自發達國家的一個含糊的報價分佈世界的最貧窮的國家免稅和他們的退場門的無定額的進入中的50。

    西非棉花生產者同時正壓美國消除他們說壓下世界價格的它支付給美國contton 種植者的慷慨的補貼, 並且保持他們被在貧困裡使陷入困境。


    "我們不愉快。 這不是我們正尋找的,這是消除國內補貼。 在那,沒有日期,沒有什麼,"弗朗索瓦Traore,非洲人棉花Producrers 協會的頭說。



    歐盟也已經拒絕同意日期透過了, 那退場門subisdies 將被在理由上廢除, 美國沒關於它的退場門信用証和食品援助計畫做相等的承諾,歐盟作為歪曲貿易看見。


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