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急.....中翻英 20點!!! HELP ME!!






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    First, enter the restaurant No matter have a reservation , enter the restaurant and reach and wait for zone time , must tell the attendants with one to have in all several who have a dinner first , is it make a reservation in advance to have , bring by restaurant persons of personnel lead in order entering and then, must not intrude upon by oneself , take one's seat at will. After entering the restaurant , let lady take a seat first , help to take one's seat without the waiter , the man should help ladies to pull out the seat voluntarily , after waiting for lady to sit down, can just get back to one's own seat and sit down , in order to display the gentleman's poise Second, dining table seat The general chair is taken a seat by the left side, go to location in most far from export , can see the quiet seat in the whole audience clearly . Of the banquet, it is here close to the front of the gate that the hostess sits, it sit host not man the on the opposite side more at hostess,guest if host and guest ,with on the right being for.

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    First, enters  U whether no matter has makes a reservation, enters  U to arrive the waiting zone time, must first tell the belt position the service personnel to altogether have several with sneeze A whether has makes a reservation in advance and so on, then leads by  the U belt personnel in order to enter, surely do not have voluntarily to intrude, casually takes a seat. After enters  U, first lets woman take a seat, if does not have  to assist to take a seat, the gentleman should assist woman to pull out the chair on own initiative, after waited for woman sits down, only then may return to own seat to sit down, displays gentleman's demeanour two, the mountain thallium y common chair is takes a seat by left side, but on the position is leaving the exportation to be farthest, can look at the clear entire audience's peaceful seat. The banquet speech, the hostess sits in approaches front the entrance, the male master sits in the hostess opposite, the visitor if the hosts and visitors, as reveres take right side.

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