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LP Somewhere I Belong的歌詞




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    [when this began] 一切,就這樣開始i had nothing to say 我,卻無話可說 and i get lost in the nothingness inside of me 我在內心的虛無空洞中迷失[i was confused] 我感到迷茫and i let it all out to find 釋放出所有感受後that i'm not the only person with these things in mind 發現自己並不是唯一有這種體會的人 [inside of me] 在我內心but all that they can see the words revealed 言語所洩露的空白is the only real thing that i've got left to feel 才是我唯一能感覺的真實 [nothing to lose] 一無所有 just stuck hollow and alone 只能動彈不得,空虛孤獨and the fault is my own.and the fault is my own 是我自己犯了錯i wanna heal. i wanna feel what i thought was never real 我想要治癒傷口 ,我想要真實感受 ,我所思考全都不曾真實過 i wanna let go of the pain i've felt so long 我想要釋放一直以來的傷痛[erase all the pain till it's gone] 抹去所有的痛直到消失 i wanna heal. i wanna feel like i'm close to something real 我想要拯救自己。我想要觸摸記憶。就像我在接近所謂真實的東西i wanna find something i've wanted all along 我想要找到一直以來的期冀somewhere i belong 我的歸屬,在哪裡and i've got nothing to say 而我無話可說 i can't believe i didn't fall right down on my face 無法相信臉上沒有掛著失落[i was confused] 我如此困惑迷茫 looking everywhere only to find 四處張望卻只發現that it's not the way i had imagined it all in my mind 一切不同於我所想像 [so what am i] 我在扮演著誰what do i have but negativity 除了消極我還有什麼'cause i can't justify the way everyone is looking at me 我不能左右別人的眼光[nothing to lose] 一無所有nothing to gain. hollow and alone 一無所獲 .形單影隻and the fault is my own.and the fault is my own 都是我犯的錯.. i will never know myself untill i do this on my own 我永遠無法看清自己,直至能自己面對and will never feel anything else untill my wounds are healed 也不再有任何感覺, 除非傷痛已癒合i will never be anything till i break away from me 我找不到自己, 除非我能夠擺脫原來的我i will break away . i'll find myself today. 我就要擺脫 就在今天 找回我自己i wanna heal , i wanna feel like i'm somewhere i belong i wanna heal , i wanna feel like i'm somewhere i belongsomewhere i belong

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