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    Situation: Ed and Amy are checking out.

    情境: 艾德和艾咪正在辦理退房。

    Amy: We're all packed. I'll call the front desk.

    艾咪: 全打包好了,我來打電話給櫃台。

    Narrator: (Amy is calling the front desk.)

    講述者: (艾咪打電話給櫃台。)

    Amy: Good morning. We'd like to check out now, please.

    艾咪: 早安,我們現在要辦退房。

    Clerk: May I have your room number, please?

    職員: 可以告訴我您是幾號房?

    Amy: Certainly. This is room 501.

    艾咪: 當然可以。這是五○一號房。

    Clerk: We'll send someone up to help you with your luggage right away.

    職員: 我們會馬上派人上去幫您拿行李。

    Narrator: (Amy and Ed are at the front desk checking out.)

    講述者: (艾咪和艾德正在櫃台辦理退房。)

    Clerk: Hi, folks. I hope you enjoyed your stay with us.

    職員: 嗨,兩位,希望你們在此住得愉快。

    Ed: Yes, thank you. I would like to pay the bill.

    艾德: 是的,謝謝你。 我要結帳。

    Clerk: How would you like to take care of it?

    職員: 您想要怎麼付費?

    Ed: Put it on my credit card, please.

    艾德: 用我的信用卡簽帳。

    Clerk: Of course, sir. If you would just check the additional charges and sign, that will be everything.

    職員: 沒問題,先生, 您只要確認一下額外的費用,然後再簽個名就行了。

    Narrator: (Ed is checking the bill.)

    講述者: (艾德正在核對帳單。)

    Ed: Everything seems to be in order.

    艾德: 一切似乎都很順利。

    Clerk: Here is your receipt. We hope you will stay with us again.

    職員: 這是您的收據。 我們期待您再次光臨。

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