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YanJun asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago

急急急!!!英文新聞翻譯-- 20點!!!

Subject: Voting Machine Problems

Tests on an optical-scan voting system used around the U.S. show it is vulnerable to hacking that can change the outcome of races without leaving evidence of fraud.

In one test, researchers were able to get into the system easily, make the loser the winner and leave without a trace.

The machine that tabulates the overall count asked for a user name and password, but didn't require it.

Optical-scan machines use paper ballots where voters fill in bubbles to mark their candidates.

The ballots are then fed into scanners that record the selections.

The voting system maker, diebold, questioned the test results and said the test was very foolish and irresponsible act'' that may violated licensing agreements





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    主題: 投票的機器ProblemsTests 在光學掃描它是脆弱的對亂砍可能改變種族結果沒有留下fraud.In 一個測試的證據的投票的系統被使用在美國展示附近, 研究員能容易地進入系統, 做失敗者優勝者和離開沒有製成表整體計數請求用戶名和密碼的trace.The 機器, 但沒有要求它。光學掃描選民填裝泡影標記他們的候選人的機器用途紙投票。選票然後被灌輸記錄選擇的掃描器。投票的系統製作商, diebold, 對測試結果表示懷疑和認為測試非常愚蠢並且可以違犯使用協定的不負責任的行動"

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    主題: 投票的機器ProblemsTests 在光學掃描它是脆弱的對亂砍可能改變種族結果沒有留下假貨.在一個測試的證據的投票的系統被使用在美國展示附近, 研究員能容易地進入系統, 做失敗者優勝者和離開沒有製成表整體計數請求用戶名和密碼的紀錄.那個機器, 但沒有要求它。光學掃描選民填裝泡影標記他們的候選人的機器用途紙投票。選票然後被灌輸記錄選擇的掃描器。投票的系統製作商, diebold, 對測試結果表示懷疑和認為測試非常愚蠢並且可以違犯使用協定的不負責任的行動"

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