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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

中翻英 (我夢想中的房子) 20 點 急













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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    1.Really more and more persons are walking close to one's own ideal too at home.

    Certainly for building designer , painter , having rich trader , fashion designer that samples ,etc. more.

    Talking about my ideal, the house in I dream of is the little building of a three -storyed villa style, in the front, in the back of have courtyard for bird,for sitting room, kitchen in the first floor, the second floor is the bedroom , study, the third floor is a child's rooms and reserve guest rooms, there are big lavatories in the each -storyed floor ¡­¡­

    This of the general idea is the city's ideal way.

    2.House whether modern free only direction under pressure, to only relax in nervous modern having, so, what kind of family, luxurious families and simple and crude families are all warm and lovely .

    The principle that I advocate is to try one's best to be spacious , try one's best to be clean, this is the two -storyed room, even beautification way of three rooms.

    Small green plants that the family of two rooms only grew in two glass water pitchers, winding stem , big blade, put it on the windowsill and dining table, change water once every day.

    This is that some mixed according to two rooms of the square of proportions is green, this is that some that often stares at the villa dream had full of fancies is green.

    3.Such life is simple , agile , the universe is fragile , pure .

    There must be space in a lot of beautiful designs about the room , a lot of furnishings of yearning and art collection, if space of you solve living minimum just, all design those whether fantastic idea act counter to with your original intention actually ----There are more and more things, there are fewer and fewer places where people treat.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1 in domestic also really has more and more many people to approach own ideal.

    Certainly many for constructs which the designer, the painter, has savors rich merchant, fashion designer and so on.

    Speaks of my ideal, I vainly hoped for the house is a three resorts models young Lou, front, back all has the courtyard to plant flowers, the tree-planting, raises the bird, a building is the living room, the kitchen, two buildings are the bedroom, the studio, three buildings are child's room and the spare guest room, each floor all has the big restroom... ...

    Probably this was the metropolis person's ideal pattern.

    After 2 are the modern people extricates the pressure the only direction in, is the modern people is anxious only relaxes is at, therefore, any type family, the luxurious family and the crude families all are warm lovable.

    I advocate the principle is as far as possible spacious, is as far as possible pure, this then is two rooms, even the three rooms road of beautification.

    In two rooms families only has the length in two glass watering cans small small green plants, the curved stem, the big leaf blade, sets on the window and the dining table, every day trades the inferior water then.

    This is 1. which matches according to two rooms square proportion green, this is frequently stares at the villa dream which indulges in fantasy does 1. to be green.

    3 such lives simple, agile, simply, are then chaste.

    Many the ornaments and the artistic collection which about the room beautiful design, many yearned for are certainly must have the space, if your space has only then just solved the minimum housing, that all designs actually were absurdly read and with yours original intention back but the relax ---- thing more and more many, the person treats the place are more and more few.

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