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    My most favorite thing is a computer, because it has the quite a few function, for example:do the homework.Play games.On-line shopping...Etc., among them, my most favorite function is an on-line shopping, the on-line shopping can let we do not need to again the big sun underneath takes the thing of a packet to chase the oneself dead tired, and also will not insolate to the sun, time, listen to music, because I usually for the sake of a song of an album inside very pretty, buy that album, however other songs are not all very pretty, so usually spend much money, having the computer to listen to music however function, I can only grasp music that I want to hear.

    Computer not only my quite a few advantage, more bring us quite a few convenience, if, we haded no computer meeting how?My thinking should be very hard!After hearing the friendly of the function of the computer through, you whether also similar to me like the computer?

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    你要翻譯什麼???你要說出來 這樣才能回答你呀~~

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