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Fine then →之中的 then 是什麼意思呢???

Fine then. →之中的  then 是什麼意思呢???Who should tell Nayce the truth then? →這句的then又是什麼意思??麻煩大家了!謝謝!實在搞不懂...then不是然後嗎?

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    這句有點類似那 誰應該告訴南西真相咧?有點類似 那 的意思這句話可以不要那個字不過有那個字的話 一般前面都還有一句:If you don't tell Nancy, who should tell Nancy the truth then?就是 如果你不怎樣 那誰該怎樣呢?有點強調的感覺

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  • 薇 is right. the @@ is not right with the translation for the question sentence. COME ON, guys!

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    也許可以翻成 "那麼," 的意思

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    ]  ad. (副詞 adverb)1. 那時,當時He worked in that factory then.他那時在那個工廠工作。2. 然後,接著They chatted for a while and then went to work.他們聊了一會兒,然後上班去了。3. 那麼,既然這樣When will the manager be available, then?那麼經理什麼時候可以接見我呢?4. 於是,所以He, then, decided to accept the proposal.於是,他決定接受這一建議。5. 此外,還有The applicant has had some experience in this kind of work, and then he is easy to get along with.那位申請人以前做過這種工作,另外此人很容易相處。a. (形容詞 adjective)1. 當時的[B]The rule was laid down by the then chairman of the committee.那條規章是當時的委員會主席訂下的。n. (名詞 noun)1. 那時,當時[U]We waited for him till then.我們等他等到那個時候。===========================這句的翻譯應為:誰該告訴Nayce那時候的事實??

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