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請問我的訂單編號 ×××× 中兌換的 ○○○○(商品品項名稱)5箱,貴公司是否完全接受訂單及已經全數寄出貨物?



這些 ○○○○(商品品項名稱)我需要趕在2006/01/15收到,因為我要將這些○○○○(商品品項名稱)送給學生當中國新年的禮物。


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    Excuse me, my order serial number× × × ×0000(merchandise item name)5 boxes won to exchange, your company accepts order completely and already does the total amount send out goods?

    Because I ascend the website search of your company exchange a point, find these two order systems have already returned the point to me, whether didn't the representative exchange success?

    Please search for me a while whether have already exchanged and order success?As do not exchange success, please list these two orders for me in do not exchange a successful amount, with convenience I order some merchandises again exchange conveniently and again, or still have other problem to resolve?

    These 0000(merchandise item name) I need rush at 2006/01/15 receive, because I want will these 0000(merchandise item name) send to be the gift of the Chinese New Year for student.

    Bother you again for me search a while, thanks.

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