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This is Halloween 的完整歌詞

求This is Halloween 的完整歌詞


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    From "The Nightmare Before Christmas"Written by: Danny ElfmanThis is Halloween[Shadow:]Boys and girls of every ageWouldn't you like to see something strange?[Siamese Shadow:]Come with us and you will seeThis, our town of Halloween[Pumpkin Patch Chorus:]This is Halloween, this is HalloweenPumpkins scream in the dead of night[Ghosts:]This is Halloween, everybody make a sceneTrick of treat till the neighbors gonna die of frightIt's our town, everybody screamIn this town of Halloween[Creature Under Bed:]I am the one hiding under your bedTeeth ground sharp and eyes glowing red[Man Under the Stairs:]I am the one hiding under your stairsFingers like snakes and spiders in my hair[Corpse Chorus:]This is Halloween, this is Halloween[Vampires:]Halloween!  Halloween!  Halloween!  Halloween!Everybody waiting for the next surprise[Mayor:]In this town, don't we love it now?Everybody's waiting for the next surprise[Corpse Chorus:]Round that corner, man hiding in the trash canSomething's waiting now to pounce, and how you'll[Harlequin Demon, Werewolf, and Melting Man:]Scream!  This is HalloweenRed 'n' black, slimy green[Werewolf:]Aren't you scared?[Witches:]Well, that's just fineSay it once, say it twiceTake the chance and roll the diceRide with the moon in the dead of night[Hanging Tree:]Everybody scream, everybody scream[Hanged Men:]In our town of Halloween[Clown:]I am the clown with the tear-away faceHere in a flash and gone without a trace[Second Ghoul:]I am the "who" when you call, "Who's there?"I am the wind blowing through your hair[Oogie Boogie Shadow:]I am the shadow on the moon at nightFilling your dreams to the brim with fright[Corpse Chorus:]This is Halloween, this is HalloweenHalloween!  Halloween!  Halloween!  Halloween!Halloween!  Halloween![Child Corpse Trio:]Tender lumpings everywhereLife's no fun without a good scare[Parent Corpses:]That's our job, but we're not meanIn our town of Halloween以上歌詞未完......但因為  知識+ 限定字數須在2000字內,因此完整歌詞請參考下列網址

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