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故一個功能強大與科技相結合的交通管理系統便是一個迫切需要的研究。所以「智慧型運輸系統」 (ITS,INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM)在這時代背景之下產生了,而ITS乃是應用先進電子、通信、資訊與感測等技術,以整合人、路、車的管理策略。




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    The abstract to now, "the transportation" continuously all was since old times in the national link a quite important link, also is the nearly more than ten for years correlation study group is interested the topic, but along with technical progress, also gives the transportation to bring many conveniences, also has brought many questions. The vehicles unceasing increase, the transportation question gravity day after day is also serious, very obvious, the past control system and the management pattern could not have followed the tidal current in the nowadays. Therefore a function formidable the traffic control system which unifies with the science and technology then is an urgent need research. Therefore "the wisdom transportation system" (ITS, INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM) has produced under this time background, but ITS is the application advanced electron, the correspondence, the information and the feeling measures and so on the technology, by conformity person, road, vehicle management strategy. In recent years, the domestic transportation public works one after another finished, these hardware infrastructures also one after another developed finish, even all arrived the test stage, but lay in on the correlation necessary software, continuously bogged down, but "the car license recognized the application" then to act the quite essential role in ITS, in this type application, picked up the technology regarding the image as well as recognizes develops the algorithm still to have many progressive spaces. Therefore in under this group's discussion, take will recognize the license plate to carry on as the example really does, namely will make numeral of and the English writing graph of the static recognizes, will recognize for various graphs compilation develops the algorithm, by the time will be able under the existing hardware equipment, finally really to make a set by the software technology to be possible to recognize the graph the system.

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    But the graph recognizes is covers the domain quite widespread science, each kind develops the algorithm unceasingly to excavate and the improvement, according to the different application stratification plane, concluded with difficulty what method is the best method,

    2005-12-17 19:40:41 補充:

    therefore this group of manufactures core is the application image processing correlation technology realizes the graph to recognize the reality service,.

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    trengthens of system design flow and the test improvement this component member ability, on the other hand enriches background of knowledge this application domain.

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  • 1 decade ago

    你好!! 小弟有些關於車牌辨識的問題能請教你一下嗎?? 方便寄個信給我嗎??

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    讀起來每一句似乎都怪怪的. 帥哥是否是用翻譯軟體翻的?--國中英文老師一枚的意見

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