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Susan Carley had experience in both insurance claims and underwriting when she accepted a staff position in the Risk Management Department of Northeast Petroleum Products (NPP) in 1999. NPP owns and operates a petroleum refinery and 72 service stations. The company also sells heating oil to more than 90,000 business and residential customers in the New England region and in two Canadian provinces.

Susan quickly become frustrated as NPP’s risk manager was “old school,”equating risk management with insurance management. Often risk management decisions were based on the whims of the risk manager rather than an sound financial analysis. Susan stayed with the company and began to work on her MBA, taking courses two nights a week. In addition to general business courses. Susan concentrated her efforts in statistics and finance. When NPP’s risk manager retired earlier this year, Susan was offered the job as risk manager. Susan agreed to accept the position, provided she was given the latitude to make some major changes in the risk management program. She is interested, for example, in expanding the program beyond the traditional risks addressed by a risk management program. The chief financial officer is supportive, and has encouraged Susan to make greater use of financial analysis in her decision making.

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    蘇珊卡利有經驗在兩個保險索賠兩個她接受一人員位置在風險管理東北石油產品(NPP)的部門內什麼時候的承保  在1999年。NPP 擁有並且經營一家石油加工工廠和72個加油站。公司也在新英格蘭地區和在兩個加拿大省把燃料油出售給超過90,000 生意和住宅用戶。當NPP的危險經理是ld 學校,quating 風險管理用保險管理時,蘇珊迅速被阻止。經常風險管理決定基於危險經理的一時的興致而不是一個聲音財務分析。蘇珊有超出公司範圍並且開始著手做她的MBA,一周上課兩個晚上。  除一般的商業課程之外。蘇珊用統計和金融集中她的努力。當NPP的危險經理今年早些時候退休時,蘇珊被作為危險經理提供工作。如果她被給緯度做在風險管理計畫方面的一些較大的變化,蘇珊同意接受位置。例如,在在被一個風險管理計畫處理的道統的危險以外擴大計畫過程中,她感興趣。首席財務官支援, 並且已經鼓勵蘇珊更廣泛地利用在她的決策過程中的財務分析。 

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