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最好是女生的對話&有連貫性 la~~

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    英文對話網站 我之前回答過別人的內容如下↓I'd like a hamburger and a small order of french fries.我要一個漢堡和小包薯條。What kind of soda do you have?你們要哪些汽水?I'd like a large coffee.我要一杯大杯咖啡。Can I have some ketchup, please?可以給我一些番茄醬嗎?Counterperson櫃台人員Would you like something to drink with your meal?您的餐點想配什麼飲料嗎?That comes to one hundred and thirty-five N.T.總共是一百三十五元。Will that be for here or to go?請問要內用還是外帶?1. ShoppingMan: Hi, young lady. How may I help you?Girl: I'm looking for a gift for my boyfriend.Man: Alright. How about getting him a fashion shoulder bag? He will love it.Girl: How much is it?Man: Which one?Girl: The black one.Man: It's on sale, and only $100.Girl: Wow. That's still too expensive for me. Do you have a cheaper one?Man: Hmm. How about the brown bag?Girl: Well, I don't think my boyfriend will like the design on the outside. How much is it anyway?Man: It's $70. It looks pretty nice as well.Girl: .Oh. I don't I have enough money for it.Man: Okay. How much do you have to spend?Girl: I only have $30 with me now. This is all I have.Man: Well,that way....How about this small bag?Girl: That's really nice, but the price tag says $40, and I don't have that much money.Man: Well, I can sell it to you at a lower price. How about $25. What do you think?Girl: Oh, thanks. I'll take it.2. Where are you fromJohn: Hi. My name's John. I am your new classmate.Mary: Hi, John. Nice to meet you. I am Mary. John: Nice to meet you, Mary. Have we met each other before?Mary:I don't think so.John:Never mind. So, where are you from?Mary: Well, I'm from Taichung, but my family and I moved to Taipei one month ago. How about you, John? John: I was born in Tainan, and we lived there until I was seven. Then, we moved to Taipei.Mary: So, you must know a lot about this city.John: Yes. There are so many interesting spots in Taipei. I like to run aroud in the city with my friends.Mary: Wow. It sounds like you have an enjoyful life here. John:Yes. But I sometimes go back to Tainan with my parents. I also like the country life there. Mary: Oh, really? I have never been to Tainan.

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    A: Hi, guys. Sorry I am late


    B : That’s all right. We were waiting for you to get here.


    A:What’s your excuse for being late this time? Your dog ran away? You broke a nail?


    B:Un…, the buses were running late?


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    A:That’s strange. My bus was right on time.


    B:Well, weren’t you lucky.


    A:At least this excuse is better than last week’s


    B:Then there was the time you were visiting your grandma


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    A:Well she was sick.


    B:But I think your worst excuse was that your goldfish had died.


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    或是這個, 比較冗長些

    我的雖沒被入選, 肯定是女生間的對話

    把全部對話C改成A, 全部D的對話改成B

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