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Decreasing irrigation water temperature reduced plant height of Easter lilies when the nutrient solution was applied to the shoot apex, but not when applied to the growing medium (figs. 1 and 2). Height reduction of 50% to 60% was achieved with 2 or 5℃ water applied between emergence and flowering (compared to 18℃) and is considerably more than that normally achieved when the day/night temperature differential is negative (Erwins and Heins, 1995) or when twilight is removed (Blom et al., 1995). This effect of cold water appeared to be independent of the time-of day application(Expt. 1), and therefore unlikely related to the same mechanism as that for the day/night temperature differential. The effect of the clod water was quite dramatic considering that the temperature of the shoot apex was affected for<1 h (Fig. 5) after each overhead irrigation made every 3-4 d ()=100 h), which is 1% of the time. This treatment affected both height and rate of development (flowering date). There was a negative correlation between the number of days to flower and plant height (Pearson correlation coefficient=-0.39;P<0.0001). It appeared that the inhibitory effect on elongation was stronger at the beginning of the treatment period compared to later (visible bud stage to flowering). It is unclear whether this treatment effect was related to the stage of plant development or simply that the retention time of the water in the shoot apex was shorter after the Easter lily reached visible bud stage, at which time the growing point became more open.



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    越來越少的灌溉水溫被減少的植物高度復活節百合當營養液嚮射擊尖頂被應用了, 但不是當適用於增長的媒介(figs. 1 和2) 。高度減少50? 到60? 達到了與2 或5? 水申請了在誕生和開花(之間與18 比較?) 並且比那可觀地是更多通常達到day/night 溫度差別是消極的(Erwins 和Heins 1995) 或微明被取消(Blom 等1995) 。這個冷水的作用看來是獨立時間天application(Expt 。1), 和因此不太可能相關對機制和那一樣為day/night 溫度差別。土塊水的作用是相當劇烈的考慮, 射擊尖頂的溫度是受影響的for?1 h (圖5) 在各頂上的灌溉以後做了每3-4 d ()=100 h), 是1? 時間。這種治療影響了發展(開花的日期的) 高度和率。有一種消極交互作用在幾天開花和植物高度之間(Pearson 交互作用的數字coefficient=-0.39;P?0.0001) 。看起來, 對伸長的禁止作用是強的在治療期間的初期與以後比較(可看見的芽階段對開花) 。它是不明的是否這個治療作用與植物發展有關階段或簡單地水的保留時期在射擊尖頂是更短的在復活節百合到達了可看見的芽階段之後, 那時增長的點變得更加開放。

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