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指某人表達意見,可以這樣寫?=>'She expresses her opinion.'

那如果我想用voice來寫一句相同意思的句子,該不會'express her voice'吧…該怎麼寫呢?麻煩附解釋,謝謝

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    voice 多用在具體的聲音!

    loud/quiet/soft voice

    low-pitched/high-pitched voice

    等等...有多種形容詞修飾,但大多描寫具體的聲音 才用 voice

    但有一種情況拿來當"民聲" "民意",要注意一群人的相同意見才用with one voice

    with one voice:

    If a group of people express an opinion or decide something with one voice, they all agree

    ex. The committee decided with one voice to accept the proposal


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