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我只記得E 意思是古代農夫用的耙子..


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    A is scratched an a tooth--an elk-tusk I think. B is the Sacred Beaver of Tegumai on a bit of old glory. C is a pearly oyster-shell--inside front. D must be a sort of mussel shell--outside front. E is a twist of silver wire. F is broken, but what remains of it is a bit of stag's horn. G is painted black on a piece of wood. (The bead after G is a small shell, and not a clay bead. I don't know why they did that.) H is a kind of a big brown cowie-shell. I is the inside part of a long shell ground down by hand. (It took Tegumai three months to grind it down.) J is a fish hook in mother-of-pearl. L is the broken spear in silver. (K aught to follow J of course, but the necklace was broken once and they mended it wrong.) K is a thin slice of bone scratched and rubbed in black. M is on a pale gray shell. N is a piece of what is called porphyry with a nose scratched on it. (Tegumai spent five months polishing this stone.) O is a piece of oyster-shell with a hole in the middle. P and Q are missing. They were lost, a long time ago, in a great war, and the tribe mended the necklace with the dried rattles of a rattlesnake, but no one ever found P and Q. That is how the saying began, 'You must mind your P's. and Q's.' R is, of course, just a shark's tooth. S is a little silver snake. T is the end of a small bone, polished brown and shiny. U is another piece of oyster-shell. W is a twisty piece of mother-of-pearl that they found inside a big mother-of-pearl shell, and sawed off with a wire dipped in sand and water. It took Taffy a month and a half to polish it and drill the holes. X is silver wire joined in the middle with a raw garnet. (Taffy found the garnet.) Y is the carp's tail in ivory. Z is a bell-shaped piece of agate marked with Z-shaped stripes. They made the Z-snake out of one of the stripes by picking out the soft stone and rubbing in red sand and bee's-wax. Just in the mouth of the bell you see the clay bead repeating the Z-letter.

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