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Be Swept off One's Feet

"Be Swept off One's Feet"是什麼意思?

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  • XUAN
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    這是俗語啦被愛慕或討好的對象往往會突然感到非常興奮而不由自主地變得飄飄然起來。這種情景在英文裡是這麼說的: to be swept off one's feet。Dick was so crazy about Jane that he threw himself at her feet. Jane was swept off her feet and they're getting married next Tuesday." 這句話的意思是:「迪克實在是愛簡,他完全拜倒在她的石榴裙下。這一下使得簡感到飄飄然,不由自主了。他們竟然決定下星期二就結婚。」

  • Eddie
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    此為哈啦片語「Be Swept off One's Feet」( 神魂顛倒 )~

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