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英文日記練習 幫我看一下文法喔


Today is holiday, so I slept more long. At noon, I and sister bought fruit at a food

market, There had a lot of stands sold fruit, we pick a biggest, and through it should

cheaper, so we decide bought in it, we bought three kinds fruit, orange, guava and

tangerine. These were what my family like food. When we felt bought cheaper and

pleased, we found a small stand sold the fruit cheaper than us. At once, we were felt

disappointment, but bought fruit was interesting. When we came back home, my

mother already cooked lunch then wait us together ate. After ate the lunch, my family

ate I bought fruit at noon. It is fine.

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    Today is my vacation day, so I get up much later. At noon, I went out to buy fruits with my sister in a grocery market . There had many fruits'sellers,and we chose the biggest store, because we thought it would be cheaper than others. We picked out three kinds of fruits: orange, guava and tangerine, which my family prefered. While we were excited to get the favorite fruits to go home, we found a small store sell the fruits much cheaper than our bought, Suddenly, we fell disappointted. Anyway to buy fruits is interesting experence. When we came back, my mother did get ready for the lunch , and waited for us eating together. After lunch, We ate the fruits just bought. It was fine.


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    Today is holiday, so I got up late this morning to get more sleep. Then, my sister and I went to buy fruit in a food market where there were a lot of stands of fruit. We picked a biggest one, and bought three kinds of fruit--orange, guava and tangerine--becaus they are what my family like.

    Just when we felt happy because we thout the price of the fruit was cheap, we found a small stand which sold the same fruit at a lower price. Suddenly, we were a little

    disappointed. However, buying fruit was still interesting.

    When we came home, my mother already cooked lunch ready and waited for us. We ate together. After the lunch, my family had the fruit. It is really a beautiful day.

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