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in order to與so that的差別

"in order to" 與 "so that" 的差別 ?

意思應該都是 "為了" ? 是否請依這兩個不同造例句參考 ?

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    語意上兩者在表示為了...的目的時是一樣的,但是在文法上,in order to 後只接原形動詞:I get up early in order to catch the first train.而so that 後是要接句子的:I get up early so that I can/may catch the first train.(表目的時so that後通常會有can/may的助動詞在內)

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    in order to 是『為了...』或是解釋做"如果你要...就要..."



    Ex. In order to get good grades, you have to study hard


    so that 應該是『所以那...』

    所以用so that 之前應該是有個原因然後才so that...(結果)

    因為 that(所以)....

    Ex. I have homework to do, so that i can't go to the party.



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