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20點~英文情境對話(Role play),英文高手幫幫忙

說明:Work in Paris,You are going to greet visitors to your office.Think about what you will say before you start.Role play:You have met before and know each other about three topics you can talk about.Greet your visitor.Ask how he/she is.offer a drink.Make small talkvistor:Greet your host and respond to her question.accept a drinkmake small talk英文達人能否利用上述給的句子寫出雙方的對話~謝謝

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    Work in Paris,巴黎的工作You are going to greet visitors to your office.你會招呼`到你辦公室的訪客﹑Think about what you will say before you start.開始前先想好你要說什麼﹑Role play:You have met before and know each other well.角色扮演﹕你們見過面而且認識對方﹑host:(主人)Think about three topics you can talk about.想3個你們可以談論的話題﹑Greet your visitor.Ask how he/she is.招呼你的客人﹑問他好不好﹑offer a drink.提供一杯飲料Make small talk小談一下﹑vistor:(訪客)Greet your host and respond to her question.招呼你的主人並且回答他的問題﹑accept a drink接受一杯飲料﹑make small talk小談一下﹑

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    h: good evening, Peter.

    v: good lord, Jack, long time no see~~come in come in~

    h: thanks (come in and put his hat on the hatstand)

    v: come here and sit down...would you like a cup of coffee?

    h: yeah, that will be great, thank you.

    (Peter walk toward the kitchen)

    v: so how is everything going resently?)

    h: so far so good~

    v: Have fun in Paris?

    h: Yes, indeed, it's a fabulous city.

    v: Want sugar in your coffee?

    h: Just a little bit.

    v: Here is your coffee~ (sit down)

    h: Thanks, that's really nice of you Peter.

    v: So, what brings you here, Jack?

    h: Oh, just take a visit to an old friend.

    v: Well, I think it takes a little more than that to bring you all the way to Paris.

    h: Alright, let's go straight into the point, I'm planing to make a short visit to some counties in France. I got everything all set up, except for a good tour guy.

    v: It seems to me that you want me to be your tour guide.

    h: Well, do a favor for your old fellow will you?

    v: mmmmmmm~why would you ever want to visit the counties in France.

    h: Ok, here is what happened, I'm now writing an aritle for a tour magazine----and I found out that there is so much beautiful places in France that yet been discovered.

    v: So you end up flying to Paris and come to me huh?

    h: Yeah, you are the only friend I know. Will you do me this favor?

    v: Well, it's seems like my schedule is kind of tight...but, yeah sure my friend.

    h: Fantastic, alright here is the plan...

    v: wow wow hold on, don't rush it through, we can discuss about that issue later, our family is just ready to have dinner now, would like to join us?

    h: Good lord, thanks a lot for your wonderful hospitality~

    (leave the living room)

    end of dialogue.



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    H: Hello! We haven't seen each other for a while. How have you been doing recently?

    V: Fine. Nice to see you again.

    H: Please have a seat. Do you need to anything to drink?

    V: Yes, black tea please.

    H: Here you are.

    V: Thank you.

    H: So how long will you stay in Paris?

    V: Maybe just 3 or 4 days.

    H: Is everything fine?

    V: Yes, except the weather.... It's too cold and cloudy...

    H: I see..... By the way, are you available tonight? I want to have dinner with you.

    V: Sure. It's my pleasure.

    H: Great. I'll call you to make sure the time and place.

    V: OK. See you tonight.

    H: See you. Bye Bye!




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