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complete the sentence!!!

Please choose the option that can best complete the sentence.

1. Since the use of antibiotics ___________ widespread, certain types of pneumonia and streptococcal infections are no longer as terrifying as they once were.

(A) was becoming

(B) had become

(C) has become

(D) becomes

2. The Olympic Games, __________ in 776 B.C., did not include women participants until 1912.

(A) first played

(B) they were first played

(C) that they were first played

(D) which they were first played

3. Rasputin __________ responsible for many of the ill-fated events that occurred during the reign of Czar Nicholas II in Russia.

(A) believed to be

(B) they believed him to be

(C) was believing to be

(D) was believed to have been

4. Never before in the history of the country __________ as spiritually united as they were during the war.

(A) the people were

(B) had the people been

(C) the people had been

(D) when the people were

5. __________ the mathematical ability of girls is innately the same as that of boys is now generally accepted.

(A) The fact that

(B) It is a fact that

(C) In fact,

(D) The fact is that

Thank you for your help!!!




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更謝謝 - 紗原軒: 還有解四

Update 5:

更謝謝 - 紗原軒: 還有解釋文法,謝謝!

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    (C)Since為首子句可判定為完成式, 而後面主要子句部分是現在式, 所以之前那件事應該已經完成了, 所以挑過去完成式

    (A)first played, 為省略用法, 原為 which was first played

    (D)從during the reign of Czar Nicholas II in Russia.來判斷這件事必定會持續一陣子, 所以找完成式

    (B) 否定詞為首, 採倒裝句

    (A) The fact [that the mathematical ability of girls is innately the same as that of boys] is now generally accepted. 括號內為子句, 說明事實內容, 跨號外為主要句子.

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    1. (C)

    2. (A)

    3. (D)

    4. (A)

    5. (A)

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