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Foosball Table.... Wanted

I really wanna get a Foosball Table!!!

Does anyone know where can i buy one and how much is it?

please tell me!!!!


to: 武當

well....i don't mind...not at all...hahah...

i really want that...i will never let this chance go......

so....could you please tell me more about that?

thank you so much....

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    Are you looking for Taiwan based vendors or don't you mind ordering online? I know some retailers but they're based in Europe (but I think you can pay with a credit card online and they'll deliver it to Taiwan). Let me know.

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    Hi,There are many table football table vendors online, but I don't know of any in Taiwan. The European vendors I know have prices ranging from NT3,000 to NT60,000, depending on size and specifications. A decent mid-range model will cost you between NT10,000 and NT20,000.I had a quick look at delivery and unforutnately most vendors don't ship to Taiwan. Here's one that does:wheesh.com Table Football Tableshttp://www.wheesh.com/acatalog/Table_football.html... don't say how much it costs to deliver, but if you write to their contact address (link here), they'll give you a quote.Do bear in mind though that as these tables are quite big and heavy, delivery charges may be high. Here are a few other sites, just to give you an idea what the range is like. However, I'm not sure if they deliver to Taiwan:Intense Gameshttp://intensegames.co.uk/acatalog/Table_Football_... Games UKhttp://www.mastersgames.com/cat/table/table-footba... luck!

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    No problem. Let me know if you need anything.

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