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光學變焦(Optical Zoom)


注意的是:利用光學變焦所獲得之影像,解析度與畫質並不會改變,可是當我們用拉近(放大)功能時將損失廣角效果(標準廣角為 50度,為了強迫近拍,相機內鏡頭必須自動調整伸長,廣角就變小)

數位變焦(Digital Zoom)

數位變焦也有稱為 智能變焦.智慧變焦( 稱法不同但統稱數位變焦 ),數位變焦的做法是將你想放大的部分選取,再將其他的部分移除,然後將選取的部分放大至原畫面的尺寸大小;因為數位變焦是將小區域做放大處理,故將使影像粒子或畫質變粗、變模糊,數位加上光學通常可以做到倍數的效果,例如3X光學加上4.4X數位可以做到13.2X的變焦效果。



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    Optical zoom (Optical Zoom) To become burnt function several camera、in change under the lens or outside with lens situation、utilize and adjust and run with the position of lens group where the light passes in and out、focuses on in the camera photography lens、shot enlarging the work of dwindling of object image. This kind refract the light and enlarges the image on CCD with the system of the lens with optical glass or special plastic lens. Can get more detail and definition. Such a way is named the optical zoom、carry on optical zoom difficult because object image scale、is it analyze degree or draw quality degradation or distorted to lead to the fact. The ones that were paid attention to are: Utilize the image that optical zoom obtains、analyze degree it with can not change to draw the qualitying、but as we use zooming in ( Enlarge)  Lose wide horn result (standard wide horn 50、for force close to make at the function、the lens must be adjusted and extended automatically in the camera、the wide angle is diminished) The digit becomes burnt (Digital Zoom) The digit becomes burnt but called too  Intelligence becomes burnt. Intelligence becomes burnt ( It is different that called laws but referred to as the digit to become burnt  ),Several become burnt method to think you enlarged part choose、and then move other parts except that、then enlarge the part chosen to the size of the original picture; Because several become burnt to enlarge light area、make image particle or draw qualitative change to be thick bluring、several add optics can accomplish result of multiple usually、for example 3X optics add several 4.4X can accomplish the turning into the burnt result of 13.2X. The intelligent digit becomes burnt: The intelligent digit changes burntly ' function、can let you no matter further the image or pick it while fetching the detail、can't harm image quality at all. With shooting the size of image size choice、

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    ' become burnt intelligently ' the function can offer furthering and changing the burnt function in various degree automatically. Intelligently burntly and turn with several types into the burnt difference and lie in:

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    Becoming burnt when being taken a photograph of the furthering of the subject enlarging to use intelligently, it is too plain to enlarge to draw, will not be but distorted, fuzzy, have fresh and sharp picture qualities as original size picture insurably.

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