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    是 sex and the city 的人物介紹嗎? (如果是的話我有附名字)



    Carrie Bradshaw:

    Sex columnist, often looks to experience of her best friends and herself as writing materials for her column in The New York Star. Her writing captures the daily living of New Yorkers also their wild sex lives too. Her best interest is shopping - and claims herself as a true shoe fetishist.


    Samantha Jones:

    Successful PR at her own company, avoids emotional involvement; insisting that women can be just like men have sex without being emotionally attached. Claiming that she have slept with more men then the roads she've walked.


    Charlotte York:

    An optimist who truly believes there's such thing as "true love" among the world, hoping that someday she would meet her Mr.Right - a wealthy, handsome gentleman who also has his own social status. She dreams of romantic wedding and a family - whom she could make homemade desserts for and decorate the house of her and her husband.


    Miranda Hobbes:

    A career minded lawyer with extermely cynical views on everything in life; because of her job in the male dominated field she portrays herself as masucline and a misandry. Believing that women does not need men, they could have their own career, and should be both financially and emotionally independent.

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    Newspaper columnist of New York, the theme of the special column is love and life of New York, often Israel's surrounding area friend and one's own emotional life , sexual behavior regard her as the subject matter, the greatest enjoyment is to go shopping to do shopping in life, the beautiful shoes are unresistable attractive to her. One diplomatizes in the company, personnel of a person of successful public relations, does not fall in love , maintain that the woman can play in human world like man too, only sex , love of needing, it is even more than way passing by that known as men sleeping. Always believing that there is true love in this world, looking forward to can run into Mr.Right in his heart one day, a rich , handsome consideration man, she is always that the romantic illusion can hold the grand wedding with such person , live the happy family life in home where she decorates and decorates personally. Seem to be and hold the attitude satirized to all things , breaking the head for the bar that be able to be flooding the man, there is no alternative must arm oneself , in order to become the partner of the office, she does not think women may depend on men, the woman should have one's own career , economic independence , everything too can depend on oneself .

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