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請問"cutting corner"

請問"cutting corner"是什麼意思,那cuttig me corner呢?

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    To Cut Corners = 截彎取直、 “偷工減料”、“不遵守正常程序”、“不規規矩矩”、“走捷徑”等Cut Corners通常的意思卻是負面, 是找更方便的辦法,或更便宜的辦法來做一件事Definition : Do something in the easiest or least expensive way; also, act illegally.I tried to cut corners by fixing my car myself instead of taking it back to the dealer. But it cost me money in the long run. The whole transmission dropped out when I was driving on the beltway. 我是想自己來修車,不要把車送到賣車的公司去修。這樣會便宜一些。可是,從長遠來看,這樣花我更多的錢。當我在環城高速公路上開車的時候,整個變速箱掉了下來。

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    cutting corner銳利的角落

    cutting me corner切我迫至一隅

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