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This text aims at probing of the Kuan-Tzu' agriculture managing the thought, In China, he is one of the famous ancient politician and thinker. After Guan Zhong passed away, spread one book " Kuan Tzu ", extremely precise summary, explain Guan Zhong cure neat experience of govern a nation.

From " Kuan-Tzu " book, probe into the goal of agricultural management of the Kuan-Tzu , want to reach the rich country , favourable member of a nationality, his thought core is in order to the heart which obeys the people , To it borns to be principles favourable the people; Its main goal thinks that wants to make the country stable , prosperous and strong , Must implement ' three basic ' , ' four firm ' , ' five thing ' " stand policy "(1) , these 3 guiding principles.Two major tactics of implementing agricultural management of tube are : First, make great efforts to develop grain-production; Second, recommend diversified economy.

Manage for the agriculture of realizing the modernization, except need to study foreign and modernized agriculture and managing the thought and means, If can manage the thought of the agriculture in " Kuan-Tzu " book and gain thorough understanding through comprehensive study of the subject at the same time, good at drawing experience from the ancient management thought , manage the thought of the agriculture at all times and in all lands to merge , and study and innovate , can set up the agriculture with characteristic of Chinese and manage the thought and method , agricultural economic development making the country better.

我怕自己翻譯的不順 或是有不正確的地方~



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    這正文計畫Kuan-Tzu的檢查'農業管理想法 、在中國 、他是著名的古代政治家和思想家之一。  在Guan之後Zhong去世 、傳播一本書"  Kuan Tzu" 、極其準確的摘要 、解釋Guan Zhong治愈整潔經驗管理一個國家。 從"  Kuan-Tzu"  書 、探索Kuan-Tzu的農業管理的目標  、想達到富有的國家  、一種國籍的有利的成員 、他的想法核心為了服從人們的心  、在天氣忍受原則有利人; 它的主要目標認為那想要使國家穩定  、繁榮和強大  、必須實現' 3 基本'  、' 4 家公司'  、' 5 件事情'"  站政策" (1) 、管的實現的農業管理的3種引導principles.Two的主要的戰術這︰ 首先 、盡力發展糧食產量; 第二 、推薦多種經濟。  為實現現代化的農業管理 、除需要之外研究外國和現代化農業並且管理那些想法並且表明 、如果能管理的想法農業在方面"  Kuan-Tzu"  書和獲得徹底的同時透過學科的全面的研究理解 、擅長開出經驗從認為的古老管理那裡  、始終和在全部土地裡管理農業的想法合併  、並且研究並且革新  、能用漢語的特性建立農業並且管理想法和方法  、農業經濟發展使國家更好。  

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