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    A: Freeze! This is a hold-up!B: Freeze? No, there's nothing freezed here, not that cold yet,     but I know Her-Huan Shan started to freeze yesterday.A: What the heck!? I said don't move dumb ass.B: I didn't move a bit since you started talking to me.A: *%#@!$ Cut the crap, give me the money!B: Why should I?A: Didn't you hear what I said...this is a hold up!!B: Yes, I saw you've been holding up the knife since you popped out!A: *&%@#!*{;(@& Hey, listen! This is a robbery, I wanna rob your money!B: Robbery! Why don't you say so earlier?A: Stop nagging, just give me your money.B: Too late, I have no money now.A: Don't play with me, empty your pockets!B: Alright!......See~A: Take off your shoes then, I know smart people will hide some there.B: As you wish.A: ???No money!? Take off your shirt, then your pants also.B: Don't bother! Don't you get it? I said too late!!A: What too late? It's only 7 a.m. now!      You should be loaded with money leaving home.B: Yeah, right, but I got robbed already, just before you met me!A: (Fists gripping, face growing red) Who dare mess around with me!?B: Look, the guy is shorter than you and he has no knife.     Let's run after him and rob him back, then we split in half.     He might be still counting the money in the park.A: Trick or Deal!?B: A good deal! At least I get half back, and you get a lot more than nothing!A: Alright, show me the way......(*#?#&!^$%@#!#!@B: Follow me...(leading the guy into the park and looking for a cop...)

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    A: oh my God, i was robbed. what can I do.

    B: Maybe you can call the police.

    A: great, thank you!!

    A: let's rob the bank.

    B: sounds good.

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