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    A: Whether may introduce a neighbor oral traditions good senate listens?

    B: Well! I knew again nearby this has a good dining room, is located on a pair of ten road "the banana new paradise humanities hall", this family teahouse was the recent years good rare special dining room oh! It may call on is a museum, inside has contained for the 60's to the 80's designs, has the Qing Dynasty time in inside to make the scenery to the date according to the time, a building sells the field, distinguishes two to have the photo studio, the haircut hall, the hospital, the grocery store, the dentist and so on, the customer may directly sit nearby two all is "the old shop" "the old shop" on, enjoys the set meal, two buildings camps create the theater scene, but also in some forty years onstage lively appearance! As for him meal! Is lets the stream of people saliva! Like is the onion burns the Dongpo pork food, the oil drenches the chicken leg food, the Kyoto spareribs food,the oil beef food and so on very is all delicious, the price is not high. Also has the dessert and meal the spot, also all being worth. Also some specialer, is his outside has a row brilliance the train, puts in front of the shop, plans for the small train museum and the literary arts demonstration space, lets the person be unable to resist wants to visit him.

    C: Ha! Is oh! Sounds to be good oh! Good wants to go oh!

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