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] 心得英翻中(急)..請各為英文高手幫忙...拜託拜託




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    She is not happy, because satisfy the oneself with the ego and with the money, possibility she is very happy, but, the oneself lives alone, facing the ego, that kind of empty degree, compare us to imagine far of much more.Because she more happinesseses that can't embrace each other us to own, be our whole families all is wear warm stove, she has no way.Because malicious descend the heart, for money, probably our whole family gets together, the cold  asks warm, because of malicious descend the heart for money.

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    She is not certainly joyful, because by self-, satisfies by the money

    oneself, is possible she very joyfully, but, own live alone, facing

    oneself, that kind of void degree, far imagines us many are more than.

    Because she is many unable many to be joyful, when our entire family

    which hugs us to have all for warming stove, she does not have the

    means. Perhaps because the ruthless under heart, for the money, our

    entire family gathers in the same place, coldly breathes out when asks

    warmly, because ruthless under heart for money...... .

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