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表面黏著技術(Surface Mount Technology ,SMT)








表面接著零件(Surface Mount Device,SMD)




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    The surface sticks to the technique(the Surface Mount Technology, SMT)

    The surface sticks to technique's ising the packing method that loads the electronics component to machine with the chip, and is former with the dissimilarity

    Weld the way to assemble on the circuit board, change the traditional boring plug-in method as the fast surface meanwhile

    Stick to the way, this kind of is sticky the chip piece to way with the surface, settling the technique in PC board,

    Knowing together as the surface sticks to the technique.

    Use the surface sticky the technique advantage is a lot of, for example promote the function density, the weight eases, reducing to give or get an electric shock the feeling electric capacity with

    The resistance reduces the production cost, matching the target of"light,thin,short and small"s that the electronics industry pursues.

    The SMT is the machine that produces the electronics product, he follow former?The biggest dissimilarity in machine that the piece produces' lying in it can raise the speed and quality, on the good rate also low in 5 ppms(bad rate),

    The surface is a spare parts immediately after(the Surface Mount Device, SMD)

    The SMD shrinks traditional electronics spare parts spare parts after turning, the reason that the electronics spare parts' canning shrink the words is because of

    The wafer equipment can produce the smaller spare parts(the electronics breaks the ability rank and does not need the larger energy, so consume to give or get an electric shock the quantity

    Less), and SMD another advantage lets the electronics product made more more small, the production speed is sooner.

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