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     Christmas tree  It is said that a peasant received a child living in hunger and cold at the Christmas night of a raging snowstorm, let him eat a dinner on sumptuous Christmas, this child rolls over the branch of a China fir and inserts and says on the ground and blessing while saying good-bye to: " Annual on this annual day, the full one of present, leave this beautiful China fir tree, repay your good intention. " After the child leaves, peasant find branch that become one little tree unexpectedly, he understand whom oneself receive one envoy of God originally. This story becomes the source of the Christmas tree. In the west, no matter the Christian, will prepare a Christmas tree while spending Christmas Day, in order to increase the happy atmosphere in festival. The Christmas tree is generally made of evergreen tree of China fir cypress,etc., symbolize the life and live forever. Decorate various kinds of lamps and candles, color flower, toy, stars on the tree, hang up various kinds of Christmas gifts. Night on Christmas, people sing and dance enclosing the Christmas tree, happy heartily. 

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