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誰能幫我翻譯??@@ 可以的話順便給我一篇英文心得

Ever wonder how we began celebrating Halloween? Here is an interesting story that tells how Halloween began. The origins of today's celebrations on October 31st and November 1st marked the beginning of the new year. During this time, the crops were harvested to prepare food for the long, dark winter. October 31st also marked the eve of the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain(pronounced sow-en). Samhain was a joyful harvest festival that marked the death of the old year and the beginning of a new one . The day itself was a time for peying homage to the sun god Baal who had provided the people with the ripened grain for use in the upcomung winter. The Samhain festival marked the transition from life to death, and because the lives of the Celts were deeply intertwined with nature , the death of the world around them became associated with human death. During this time, it was believed that the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead were thinnest, and the living were able to communicate with their deceased loved ones . Of course. if the spirits were able to travel batween the worlds on Samhain, so too could hostile spirits. To scare these bad spirits away, theCelts carved faces into potatoes and turnips and lit them with candles. They also dressed up in ghoulish costumes and paraded around their neighborhoods. The word Halloween actually has its origins in the Catholic Church. In the 7th century the church celebrated All Saints' Day in May, but by the 9th century the date had been changed to November 1st. Another name for All Saints' Day was All Hallows'Eve, which was later shortened to Halloween. In the 10th century the church named November 2nd as All Souls' Day in memory of all dead souls. Halloween, All Saints' Day, and AllSouls' Day come so close together and are so similar that in some countries they tend to merge together.

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    想知道我們怎樣開始慶祝萬聖節嗎? 下面的一個有趣的故事告訴萬聖節怎樣開始。 在10月31日的今天的慶祝的起源和11月1日標明新年初。 在這個時候,莊稼被斬獲為長,黑的冬天準備食品。 也在Samhain(念的母豬小酒館)的古老的凱爾特人的節日的前夜標明的10月31日。 Samhain是標明老的年的死和新的的開始的一可喜的斬獲感恩禮拜。 日子本身是 一時間適合小便給已經為人們提供成熟的穀類供upcomung 冬天使用的神太陽神太陽的尊敬。 Samhain 節日標明轉變從生命到死, 並且因為那些凱爾特人的生活深深地與自然緊密相連,在他們周遭的世界的死成為同交往的人死。 在這個時候, 據說在活著的人的世界和死者之間的面紗最瘦, 並且生活能與他們的死去的親人聯繫。 當然。 情緒能旅行batween世界在Samhain上如果,敵對的情緒也能。 嚇跑這些壞情緒,theCelts把臉切開以食用進馬鈴薯和蘿蔔並且用蠟燭點燃他們。 他們也穿食尸鬼似的服裝打扮並且在他們的附近到處遊行。 單詞萬聖節實際上在天主教教堂裡有它的起源。 在7世紀教堂慶祝5月萬聖節,但是在第9 世紀以前日期已經被轉換成11月1日。 另一個名字萬聖節全部是Hallows'Eve,這過后被縮短到萬聖節。 為了紀念全部死的人,在10世紀教堂命名11月2日為全部靈魂日子。 萬聖節,萬聖節和AllSouls的天變成如此相近,如此相似以致于在一些國家他們傾向于一同合併。

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