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請幫我中翻英~~ 感謝各位了~20點喔~




不僅是吃起來好吃 看起來也很好吃~



因為蝦子很鮮美 很甜




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  • Linda
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    I like Japenese food very much, because it is light and not oily. Not only the taste, the garnish also makes the Japnese dishes tasty.

    My favorite food is seafood, especailly shrimp. The best way to taste the freshness and sweetness are to steam or boil it. Simply dip it with soysauce (and wasabi) will be the best way to enjoy eating shrimps!

    You may say prawn, which is the bigger one.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I like eating Japanese dishes.

    Beacuse they are light and not greasy.

    And also have exquisite ornament.

    Not only taste delicious,seems very delicious too.

    I also like seafood very much.

    Especially the shrimp.

    Beacuse it is very sweet and tasty.

    And the best way to cook it, is by boil or steam.

    Dip in some soy sauce to eat while eating.

    That is really wonderful.

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