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One of the oldest musical institutions in the world the Vienna Boys`Choir, was to sing

exclusively for the court in church services , at private concerts, and on state occasions.

For the next 400 years, that isexactly what it did, receiving at the same time full financial

support form the state. When the Hapsburg Empire disintegrated in 1918, however, the

choir became an independent institution and soon learned to stand on its own two feet.

The Austrian state continues, even today,to provide some support for the institution in

the form of rent-free accommodation in the Augartenpalais, a government-owned palace

in a park in the center of Vienna,but this represents a very tiny contribution to the

enormous budget the choir needs for its survival.

Superficially, the Vienna Boys`Choir has not changed over the past 500 years. The

boys still wear sailor suits --navy blue for daytime performances and cream for evening

wear. Their repertoire is still mostly religious and classical music, with Mozart, Haydn,

and Schubert as their favorite sources. They still work very hard, practicing for two and

a half hours every afternoon, after completing a normal day at school. what`s more ,

they give an average of about 300 public performances a year, of which at least 200

are abroad. In 2000, for example, they gave a staggering 342 performances, 209 of

which were abroad--a tougher schedule than any ever undertaken by even the most

resilient of rock bands, such as the Rolling Stones.

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    維也納男孩合唱團,世界上最年久的音樂團體組織之一,以往都是專在教堂儀式中為皇室廷臣演唱、或是在私人的音樂會、隆重的場合中才會一展歌喉。四百年來皆是如此,在同一時間內收到來自各方的財務援助。不過,在1918 年哈斯堡帝國瓦解後,這個合唱團便獨立出來自為一家,很快就學會如何自力更生。



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