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幫我翻譯一下英文 謝謝 緊急

經外貿協會(China External Trade Development Councial)介紹向你詢價,請報14"電鋸(electric chain saw)的基隆抵岸不含保險價格。我們需要在你收信後兩星期內(within two week after you receive this letter)得到你的報價,同時請寄來型錄三份為禱。


是翻譯英文 那個是英文是提示 不是要翻成中文

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    Through China External Trade Development Council, we would like to ask you for a price quotation.  Please kindly quote pricing on (14) electric chain saw based on the terms of CNF Keelung.  We have to receive your quotation within 2 weeks after you receive this inquiry.  Please also enclose 3 catalogs.

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    Was introduced the China External Trade Development Councial toward your inquiry,

    please report 14"the electric chain saw of Keelung arrives the shore

    not to contain the insurance price.We need get your offer within

    two week after you receive this letter, pleasing meanwhile to send us/me threes of catalog.

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    經外貿協會 (中國外部的貿易發展 Councial)介紹向你詢價,請報 14"電鋸 (電動的鏈見到)的基隆抵岸不含保險價格。我們需要在你收信後兩星期內 (在二個星期內在你接受這一封信之後)得到你的報價,同時請寄來型錄三份為禱。


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