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ω asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

翻譯 希臘神話故事所卡住的句子 幫幫忙嚕

(1)“Don't you dare ask anything of me, on whom you have brought nothing but trouble! NO, nothing will save your dead body from the dogs! If you gave me all the gold in the world, I would refuse it!"(這是阿基里斯說的一段話 一直翻不順....)

(2)Recovering, she cried over her fate, picturing to herself her country ruined, herself a prisoner and her son dependent for his bread on the favor of strengers. (這段是說Hector老婆看到他死掉之後感到難過的一段句子 後面這句 很奇怪!!..)

(3)After this followed games of strenght and skill, chariot races, wrestling*, boxing and archery*. Then the chief sat down to the funeral feast and rested afterwards.(這段句子 有些單字 我不知道該怎麼翻它的意思比較順 一直很困擾 卡住了....)

(4)The queen was just as wild.(這句的WILD不知道意思要怎麼翻....)

以上幾句 是我在看故事所遇到比較難的句子 希望各位翻譯厲害的朋友幫幫忙..謝謝>"<

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    2.恢復後,他哭泣抱怨他的命運,想像他的國家被毀面,他自己是一個犯人,而他的兒子無助的向陌生人求麵包 strangerㄅ



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