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自我介紹,請大大們幫幫我吧…中翻英 20點






hello, everybody

my name is Jane , there are six people in my family. I have a happy family. I think............就不會了

I like to watching TV , surfing on the internet, palying badminton, playing siwn and I love cooking the strangefood............也不會了


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      Hi, my name is Jane.  I am 21 years old.  There are 6 people in my family.  I have been with my family for 21 years.  I feel that my family is not only an enthusiastic one, but also a happy one.   I watch TV, surf the internet, cook some special food and desserts at home.  Special food and desserts mean something I invent without reading the recipe.  Therefore I often spoil my stomach.  I love to swim and play badminton, which is my favorite.  I think I am a zealous, optimistic, and compassionate person.  But what's bad about me is that I am rather lazy.

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    Hello , everybody!

    My name is Jane , I'm 21 years old , there are six people in my family.I have lived in this family for twenty-one years , I feel my family is more ardent , I also feel my family is beatific.

    I usually watch TV , surf the internet at home , or cook some strange food and dessert (the strange means that I'm not follow the cookbook , I think it and do it by myself) , so I usually hurt my stomach . I like to go swimming , and play badminton that the sport I only can do well .

    I think I'm ardent , optimistic and caring , but I have a defect which is lazy.


    不知道我的文法有沒有錯~~ ^^'' ~


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    My name is Jane.I am 21 years old,Our family adds me to altogether have six people.In this family I has treated for 21 years, thought our family belongs to the quite warm family, simultaneously also thought our family calculates the happy family.

    I usually am all right in the home am looked the television, accesses the net perhaps makes some very strange vegetable and the dessert(So-called very is strange is does not have recipes vegetable, is I heart comes out) therefore I frequently can eat the stomach ache. Otherwise is plays the badminton, my only most meeting movement, but also has the swimming.

    I confessed I am a person which an enthusiasm, is optimistic also has the compassion, but I have a shortcoming am lazy.

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    I value highly , I am 21 years old this year, our family has six people in all to add me. Stay for 21 years too in this family, think our family is more hospitable families, family thinking our family happy at the same time .

    I have thing to watch TV , surf the Net or do some strange dish and pastry very at home usually(it wonders to be without recipe dish very much while being what is called, I oneself that heart figure out), so I can wipe out the broken stomach often.

    play badminton just, sport that can only I have most, still swim.

    I think I am a enthusiasm , optimism and person with love , is lazy but I have a shortcoming.

    I can a little other on can,can ask help me not to be finished terrible past master !

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