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Steven Spielberg has always had one goal: to tell as many great stories to as many people as will listen. And that's what he has always been about. The son of a computer scientist and a pianist, Spielberg spent his early childhood in New Jersey and, later, Arizona. From the very beginning, his fertile imagination filled his young mind with images that would later inspire his filmmaking. Even decades later, Spielberg says he has vivid memories of his earliest years, which are the origins of some of his biggest hits. He believes that E.T. is the result of the difficult years leading up to his parent's 1966 divorce, saying, "It is really about a young boy who was in search of some stability in his life." Close Encounters of the Third Kind was inspired by early morning meteor-gazing with his father, a sci-fi fanatic, when he was four years old. "He was seared of just about everything," recalls his mother, Leah Adler. "When trees brushed against the house, he would head into my bed. And that's just the kind of scary stuff he would put in films like Poltergeist." To this day, Spielberg's wife, actress Kate Capshaw, says her husband remains terrified of airplane and elevator rides and closed-in places. 共有六段,請高手幫忙,不要用翻譯軟體,翻的不順不好希望自己翻感謝大家幫忙     





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    史蒂芬史匹柏總是有一個目標:即是將許多偉大的故事告訴所有的人。而且他總是做這些事情。史匹柏是一位電腦科學家和鋼琴家的兒子,他在新澤西州度過了他的童年,稍晚則在亞利桑那州。從很早開始,他豐富的想像力激勵以後他的電影製作,甚至數十年後,史匹柏說豐富想像力的影像充滿了他早年年輕的心。那是起源於一些大的衝擊,他相信那就是外星人(E.T),在那艱苦的幾年導致他的父母於1966年離婚,”尋找安定的生活對於一個年輕的男孩而言,是相當的早。”第三類接觸的靈感乃是和他的父親一起於清晨看流星,他的父親在四歲時就是一個科幻小說的狂熱者,對任何事情都沒興趣,回想他的母親-Leah Adler,”當十字架刷過房子時,她會站在我的床頭。是有點恐慌的本質,像是影片中的吵鬧鬼。”迄今,史匹柏的妻子-- Kate Capshaw,是一個女演員,說她的丈夫對飛機和電梯的恐懼,應該關閉那些地方。

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