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誰有simon webbe的中文歌詞

我要lay your hands的歌詞


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    1 decade ago
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    ◎〈雙手的溫柔Lay Your Hands〉中英對照Sometimes life can be a burden 有時生活總是充滿磨難Try to stay one step ahead 要懂留一點空間給自己I feel the world upon my shoulder each time 即使全世界的重擔都在你肩上I'm standing out on the edge  總會有人出來挺你And my hopes have all deserted me 當一切希望被人拋棄Like they washed away in the sand 像海灘的沙隨波逐流And it's hurting my pride 失去自尊Try to survive 也不絕望But i know i stand a chance 因為這就是個轉戾點 When you lay your hands 來 感受我雙手的溫柔 Oh yeah 喔 是的'Coz it's the only thing I have that still makes sense 這感動 物換星移永不變(Oh baby, when I'm calling out) 喔Baby 當我呼喊你Give me love and affection 給我愛和關懷Keep telling me, show me the way  陪我談心 告訴我未來將何去何從(Oh, if you see me falling down) 喔 如果你見到沮喪的我Lift me up from the shadows 引領我走出陰霾Will you take me away to a better place? 帶我遠走 去一個心樂園(And when I'm in my darkest hour) 身處當我困在最黑暗的時刻You're by my side, to turn the tide 陪在我身旁 等待風起 *************************字數限制無法全文貼出請參考yahoo的網頁:

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