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台灣奇了 熱季冷 冷季熱 雨水超多聯合國報告指今年氣候最極端,台灣今年的怪天氣也特別多,幾乎”月月有驚奇”,該冷的季節熱,該熱的季節卻很冷。此外,今年雨水也超多,春暖花開的三月竟下雪。氣象局資料顯示,今年一月的寒流特別強勁,還出現四,五度低溫。而二月的冬季,北,中,南三地曾出現三十度以上的高溫,冬天像夏天,民眾揮汗如雨。三月時出現十年來僅見的”三月寒流”(台北市氣溫十度以下)。巧的是,每遇週末必有寒流報到,強度比一,二月寒流還強勁,春暖花開的氣息全被破壞,當時民眾每逢週末就問:寒流是不是又要來?更令人驚奇的是,三月寒流巧遇華南雲雨帶的充沛水氣,氣象局說這兩個天氣條件在同一個時間點發生已夠巧,最後竟連八百公尺的小山都下了雪,創下"遍地三月雪"的罕見現象。另外,台灣地區過去四年來幾乎年年出現乾旱,今年一到三月各地雨量卻出奇多,還創下自1950年以來第三多雨的紀錄。5月1號梅雨季第一天,各地就飆高溫,台北達36.3度名列史上第四,打敗許多七,八月的氣溫。基隆36.7度,更創下自1950年以來5月氣溫最高紀錄。六月時西南氣流帶起超長雲雨帶綿延數千公里,梅雨封面一波又一波,而且雷雨胞逐日由南往北擴展,雲雨尺度長,空氣高濕,高暖,雨水充沛,當月農委會發布的農業損失高達二十億元,創下歷年豪雨特報農損的最高紀錄。七月時豪大雨不斷,雨下到大家都煩透了,氣象局曾連續10天發佈豪大雨特報,這也是氣象局自20年前開始發布天氣特報以來,第一次連續10天無間段發布豪大雨特報。另外今年7月到9月,總計有3個強烈颱風包刮海棠,泰利與龍王,而且這三個強颱全數登陸,也相當罕見。

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    1 decade ago
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    Taiwan was strange the hot rain water of cold and cold season of hot season is much super

    The United Nations report points the weather of this year the most extreme, the strange weather of Taiwanese this year is also particularly many, almost"the every month has astonishment", that cold season is hot, should hot season but very cold.In addition, the rain water is also much super this year, the warm flower of the spring opens in Marchary to snowing unexpectedly.

    The weather bureau data shows that the cold current of air of January of this year is particularly powerful, also appearing four, five degrees low temperature.And the winter of February, the north, wins, the south is three grounds of to have ever appeared the heat of more than 30 degrees, the winter is like the summer, the people flick the sweat,such as rain,.

    March appear"the cold current of air of March" that the decade comes to sees only.(ten degrees of the temperature in Taipei City following)巧 BE, meet the weekend to have the cold current of air to register necessarily each time, the strength compares a, in February cold current of air still powerful, the warm flower of the spring opens of the spirit is whole is broken, at that time people every time round the weekend asks:Cold current of air is BE not want to come again?

    The more astonishing BE, the cold current of air meets by coincidence the abundant water spirit that the south sexual intercourse of R.O.C. brings in Marchary, the weather bureau says these two weather conditions to order the occurrence in the same of time already enough the , the end connected 800 meters knolls to all snowing unexpectedly, setting rare phenomenon of"all over the place in Marchary snow".

    Besides, the Taiwanese region appeared the drought almost and year by year in the past four years, this year a to March everywhere precipitation but much more surprising, also set since 1950 the record of more than third rainses.

    2005-12-13 01:13:15 補充:

    The southwest current of air of June brings to bring to continue long several thousand kilometerses since the super long sexual intercourse, the rainy season cover is one and other, and the thunder-storm afterbirth is day by day expanded toward the north by south,

    2005-12-13 01:13:39 補充:

    the sexual intercourse dimensions long, the air is high and wet, high and warm, the rain water is abundant, being the agriculture that the Council for Agricultural Planning & Development of month announces loss to be up to 2,000,000,000 dollars,

    2005-12-13 01:13:47 補充:

    setting through the years the most high record in the pouring rain warning agriculture.

    2005-12-13 01:14:55 補充:

    The heavy rain of July continuously, rain rains everyone utterly vexed, the weather bureau has ever released the heavy rain warning continuously for 10 days,

    2005-12-13 01:15:02 補充:

    this is also a weather bureau from started announcing the weather warning 20 years ago, had no a segment to announce the heavy rain warning continuously for 10 days for the first time.

    2005-12-13 01:15:33 補充:

    Besides this year 7 to September, have 3 mightiness typhoons to wrap to scrape the begonia, the benefit and dragon the king totally, and these three super typhoons total amount debarkation, also rather rare.

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