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One day I was scanning my emails , I was attractive by an article, after finishing it I was in tears. The topic is "I Have a Dream" .It’s a lecture from Martin Luther King, Jr and I was touched with one paragraph, he said I ’I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.’I wasn’t as great as he was but his speech reminded me of an innermost self-introspection. What is my dream when I grow up?

Human being is different from other creatures because mankind have vision of future. Therefore I dare to dream.

At the age of ten, I dream of being a stewardess. If I was a airhostess , I was able to wait on customers, I thought it was interesting because every individual was unique also, flying was alluring for me since I would like to open my mind and knowing different culture and tradition, especially I had a opportunity to try diverse dishes above all I could travel all over the world meeting variety nationalities. By the time I am thirteen now, I have grown up and being matured a little, in present I have another dream. I want to be a teacher and work with children . I believe children are the future therefore we should lead them a good example so they deserve good teachers also I always heard grown up said that society is full of sin ,lying ,cheating, stealing happens everyday and even worse people deceive there beloved or someone else. But children are the purist and the most innocent , I have no fear being with them. In order to be a sagacious teacher I need to beaver away at my school assignment and get good grades. If I keep my grades straight A’s. Then I have a chance to get into a top rank university where I can major in education . Easy say then done therefore It’s necessary for me to be more aggressive to achieve my goals.

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    有一天我是掃描我的電子郵件; 我因為一篇文章有吸引力,在完成它之後,我在眼淚裡。 題目"我有一個夢它一演講從馬丁路德‧金,小和我那裡帶有段落, 他說 我有一個夢, 那我的4個小孩子 將有一天居住在一個國家,在那裡他們將不透過膚色但是透過他們的性格的內容被判斷。 我不是像他一樣大的但是他的講話使我想起最內部自我反省。 當我長大時,我的夢是什麼? 人不同于其他動物,因為人類有將來的視力。 因此我對夢敢。

    在10 歲的時候,我夢想作為一名空姐。 如果我是airhostess, 我能服侍用戶, 我認為這是有趣的,因為每個人都也獨特, 因為我想張開我的心,飛正為我誘惑,知道不同的文化和道統, 特別是我有一次機會最重要的是試驗完全不同的盤子我能旅行在全世界遇見種類國籍。 當我現下13 歲時,我已經長大並且被稍微成熟,用禮物我有另一個夢。 我想要是一名教師並且與孩子合作。 我相信孩子是將來因此我們應該領導他們一個好例子, 他們應當受到好教師也我總是聽說長大說社會充滿罪, 躺,欺騙,偷發生每天和壞人更欺騙在那裡受熱愛或者其他人。 但是孩子是力求純正之人和最無罪的,我沒有恐懼與他們一起。 為了成為一名聰慧的教師我在我的學校作業離開對海狸需要並且得到好分數。 我保持我的等級直的A。 然後我有一個機會進入我能主修教育的一所最高排名大學。 容易說那時做因此適合我更積極取得我目標是必要的。

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