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    Traditional christmas dinner cuisine diversification, but including roast ham, roast beef, smoked hoof, make a fire chicken,etc., among them in order to make a fire chicken to be very much popular. In 1650, made a fire the chicken flowed into Europe from North America, become Christmas new cuisine of big dining table, in make a fire before chicken prevail, cooked food have roasted goose, castrate chicken, pheasant meat, peacock,etc. traditional a Christmas. Traditionally, whenever Christmas Day will come, each of kinsfolks should make the pudding for one Christmas together, symbolize unitedly and harmoniously, and each one at mixing one below group, will let the next hope quietly, will also hide a coin in the dough finally, the person that the luck has enjoys good luck for a the whole year. The product is one hundred tart to go on a diet on Christmas another one, similar to the stable model, put one with little baby Jesus that dough rub with the hands, traditional one hundred tart act as fillings with the meat paste, the sweet fruit of exertion of now does fillings. Christmas Day is indispensable ---Ginger bakery The relation with ginger bakery on Christmas Day? When the Crusades fights east," The ginger " One expensive import spices so only willing to to use in as if Christmas Day, Easter such an important festival celebration. Add the ginger in order to increase the flavor in the cake, biscuit, there is function of dispelling cold. As time passes, the ginger cake becomes with the related pastry on Christmas Day. After entrusting to the atmosphere on Christmas Day, the ginger cake is spread wide by everybody soon, become pastry doing something for the occasion on Christmas Day.  

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    On December 6 holy Nicholas verse, north and Germany of France, the godfathers, godmothers will give various kinds of forms this day, give to the children such as the heart star, humanoid ginger cake, or put the children in the socks looked forward to stealthily.

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    The ginger cake has become the material of the children's story gradually, make into various kinds of ginger bakeries of model, " Americans " Push the atmosphere of the ginger bakery to coming very much, become the ginger bakery echoing deeply by all parts of the world.

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