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1.We found no reports of a colonic leiomyoma larger than 3 cm which was completely removed by a colonoscope.

2.According to the case presented here,intraluminal colonic leiomyoma can be completected with skillful manipulation of a colonospe,even if the tumor is as large as 4.5 cm.Successful endoscopic polpectomy of colonic leiomyoma reduces the cost of treatment and eliminates unnecessary.

3.Nnegative C-kit stain

4. Nnegative

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  • JEGe
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    1 decade ago
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    1.我們沒有發現,透過結腸鏡手術,可完全移除大過 3公分的大腸肌瘤的醫療報告.

    2.根據這裏所提供的病例,藉由純熟操作結腸鏡,可徹底清除腸腔大腸肌瘤,甚至是超過 4.5公分的腫瘤.透過成功圓滿的瘜肉腫瘤內視鏡摘除大腸肌瘤,可降低治療費用及消除不必要的手術.

    3.Nnegative C-kit stain -陰性 C-kit 基因染色體,C-Kit基因為一種前癌基因(Protooncogene),如果C-Kit基因突變有時會變為致癌基因.

    4.Nnegative = ( - negative ) 陰性

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1.我們沒有找到比被colonoscope 完全除去的3厘米大的結腸的leiomyoma的報告。

    2.根據這裡提出的情況, intraluminal結腸的leiomyoma可能是有colonospe的熟練的操作的completected, 瘤象4.5 cm.Successful結腸leiomyoma的內窺polpectomy 降低處理的費用並且消除不必要的一樣大即使。

    3.Nnegative C 工具污點


    Source(s): 譯典通
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