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中文翻成英文>"<~~~ 麻煩大家幫幫忙啊









   以後…Sit down這句話就交給我來說好了…^^"

                     祝 天天快樂  {收件人}

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    Dear teacher Linda:

    At beginning of your class, I was not paying much attention to you as some of the stuff had been taught in cram school. So, I was a bit...I think you know what

    I am saying.

    After two series of exams, I have realised that my marks were not as good as I expected, which might be due to my attitude in the class. After second series of exams, I paid more attention and concentration in your classes as I did not want to miss out any potential exam questions, which may cause me not be able to get full mark in the exams.

    Hence, I want to apologise to you about what happened previousely and my attitude during the class via this letter. I am really sorry about not paying attention to you during class.

    By the way, can I say "sit down" thereafter?

    your sincerely




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    Dear Lindas Mr./Mrs.:

    Just started the class hour, always occasionally could a little unable to sit still feeling,

    And unexpectedly somewhat already had in the outside supplementary class has studied, therefore really... ... I think clearly .

    But passes through two time of Duan K'aohou, I discovered my English result is not greatly ideal,

    Perhaps this is and attends class not the wholly absorbed related department, from second Duan K'aohou, on the class I always do not dare the general idea,

    Is very afraid which examination question key point if has neglected, the section tested the score not to be able to attain the perfect score.

    Linda Mr./Mrs., regarding the before matter, I wants to use this time pays the work the way,

    While convenient and the apology, not wholly absorbed listens the class really very much was sorry... ... ...

    Later... Sit down this speech gave me to reach an agreement... ^^ "

    Wishes daily joyfully {addressee}

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