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比賽方法 - 五人一隊,其中一人為隊長,候補球員最多七人。比賽分前、後半場,每半場各20分鐘,中場休息10分鐘。比賽結束兩隊積分相同時,則舉行延長賽5分鐘,若5分鐘後比數仍相同,則再次進行5分鐘延長賽,直至比出勝負為止。

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    basketball rules~

    game rules- 5 person in a team, one of them is the team's captainn, the maximum substitutes are 7.

    Game is divided by 2 periods, 20 munites each, and 10 munites half time break.

    if the score is the same when second half ends, then will held a 5 munites overtime, if it is still tie when the overtime is over then there will be a second overtime, compete untill there is a winner, which means 1 point difference at the end of the overtime.

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