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Microsoft is also adding interactive features to help it tailor upcoming products

based on input from influential customers.For instance,the company sometime handpicks users of its software to participate inWebcasts in which audience members can pose questions to the presenter during a live program,and Microsoft can poll viewers on which product features they like most.It is generally better to have one hundred of the right people than thousands you do not know.

Using the Wab for live feedback puts technical demands on Microsoft's developers.Newsreader software includes an interface that resembles a PC app,for example. Developers have to do more sophisticated usability testing. And the architecture of Microsoft's Web pages is changing to cache more data locally on users'

computers for better performance. Microsoft is also making heavy use of XML for storing and pulling data,so a user can find themost popular discussion threads without combing through a long index;adding drag-and-drop features to its Web pages for more intuitive navigation;and separating sets of features so a user's Web browser does not have to redraw an entire page every time the user follows a link.

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    微軟公司也正增加幫助它的交互式特徵裁縫即將到來的產品 基于來自有影響力的customers.For 實例的輸入, com pany 曾經手揀它的軟體的用戶分享在那觀眾裡成員在一個實況轉播節目期間能給推薦者提出問題的inWebcasts, 與你不知道的數千相比較,並且微軟公司能投票在那個產品特徵上他們喜歡most.It的瀏覽程式普遍好有合適的人們中的100個。 為活回饋使用Wab把技術需求放在上微軟公司的developers.Newsreader套裝軟件括象一篇PC機附錄,例如的一個界面。 開發者必須做更複雜的可用性測試。 並且微軟公司的網頁的建築正改變在用戶上當地隱藏更多的數據 更好的性能的計算機。 微軟公司也正為儲存和拉數據沉重利用XML, 因此一個用戶能發現themost為受歡迎的討論思路而沒有徹底搜尋一個長的索引; 增加阻力並且下降特徵到更多的直覺航行的它的網頁; 並且分開特徵,因此每當用戶跟隨連接的時候,一個用戶的Web瀏覽器不必重畫一整個頁。

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