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題目是 play computer games 的 " 好處 " 及" 壞處 "




請清楚的列出 " 好處 " 和 " 壞處 "

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    I do not see that much of advantage of playing computer games besides piddle some times, maybe a little bit of training your brain when you are thinking a way to solve the game. But I do see a lot of disadvantage of playing computer games. These following disadvantages facts proved us that; playing computer games has more of the damage chances to your body, and changes the environment to an insecure place where you could be place in.

    Spending long a period of time in front of the computer costs nearsightedness近視and so many of other diseases; it is a great injure to your eyes and your health. Why is so? Just talk about the radiation from the computer is powerful enough to create a very serious ray light that could infect your body and result sickness. Slightness could bring you blotch on your skin皮膚發生紅斑, harm your marrow骨髓, lungs肺and alimentary canal消化道also abate your leucoplast白血減少, sterility不孕, you could started to have nausea噁心, threw up嘔吐, and diarrhea腹瀉. When comes to serious diseases you could have cataract白內障, leukemia白血症, and cancer癌症.

    While you are playing computer games, normally you could be already addicted to the games. That mean you are sitting on the chair for a very long time, you could begin to have lots of problems on your knees, your bots. For example you are often sitting down; your muscle on your knees could be atrophy肌肉萎縮, you could have pathology骨刺 or osteomyelitis骨隨炎. Also most of the body fat will store on the bottom of your body.

    These year teenager loves to play online computer games; these online computer games are fun but they are not free for you to play. You have to pay money in order to get an account. Teenager spends lots of time and money into the games, and don’t really get out off anything from it.


    - 打發時間

    - 稍微動了一點頭腦


    - 近視,

    - 因為輻射所以會有慢性跟急性病狀例如, 皮膚發生紅斑, 骨髓,肺,消化道傷害,白血減少,不孕, 噁心, 嘔吐,腹瀉. 白內障,白血症, 癌症.


    - 肌肉萎縮,骨刺,骨隨炎

    - 脂肪囤積在下半身


    - 不必要的金錢花費







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