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上週五(12/9/2005)在應收帳款檢討會議中, 執行長裁示, 由法務先擬妥催款函若H公司於當天下午5:00 未就付款時程給予肯定回應時,本案將由法務接手,並於12/12/2005將該函發給E公司。


附件是對E公司案催款信函草稿, 不知內容是否恰當,若可行是否就由我發給E公司財務長Y先生,還請您給寶貴建議。

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    Dear H,  In the A/R meeting held last Friday (12.9.2005), the CEO concluded that this case should be in charge by the law consultant if H did not give a firm payment schedule till 5pm that day.  For the time being, on 12.12.2005 a notification should be issued to E.  As I know, you have been helping us with this case.  Thank you really much for your time and efforts.  I suggest that we should have a direct contact with the N department as long as the case is handed over to us.  You will be informed of the process so that we can save lots of time for communications.  The attachment is a draft of the A/R notification to E.  Please advise if there is anything else we should put in it.  If everything is okay, please allow us to issue it to Mr. Y, the Financial manager in E.    If you have any comments, please kindly keep me instructed. 

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    Dear H,

    Making a self-criticism in the meeting in the account receivable last Friday (12/9/2005 ), the executive chairman judged and showed, plan by law affair proper to urge fund letter Cheng offer when must reacting when H Company had not paid the bill at 5:00, this case will be taken over by the law affair, and issue this letter to E Company on the 12/12/2005.

    You to my knowledge with help position punish this case, work hard you really. I propose , this case has already been transfered to us to take over , I think that I can connect with N department directly directly , deal with course let as you know , can a lot of get in touch time sparingly in this way at any time, you think, OK?

    The enclosure presses for the letter rough draft of the fund to E Company case, I wonder whether the content is appropriate, if feasible to issue me financial affairs long Y Mr. , Company of E ,, please give valuable to advise.

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    Dear Ms./Mr. H,

    At our company meeting last Friday regarding outstanding account receivable. It was decided by our general manager, the legal department will draft a letter request for payment first. If H can not give us a payment schedule by 5pm today, we will have to turn over to our legal department and the letter will be fax to E.

    From my understanding you were doing us a favor in helping us undertake this case, thank you so much. Since this case has pass to me, do you think we can contact N department directly and CC you to cut down on lag time?

    Attach is the draft that our Legal department has written, not sure if it is suitable, if it is appropriate, may I forward to E‘s controller Mr. Y. Your comment is greatly appreciated.

    Best Regards

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