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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 2 decades ago


what is "single-family"?




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    Single Family Homes


    By far the most common form of housing in North America is the single family detached home--ranging from 600 square foot bungalows to 6000 (or more) square foot sprawling mansions. The most important distinguishing factors that determine a single family dwelling are that it sits on its own piece of land (which is sold part and parcel with the home) and it is not attached to anyone else's residence. With single family homes, your home pretty much is your castle. Subject to neighborhood and subdivision regulations and ordinances, you can do with it as you wish. Want a different exterior color? Usually you can accomplish that (taking into account the fact that the neighbors may not be receptive to a purple house with ecru trim). Need more room and want to add on? Subject to the codes of your jurisdiction, you may be able to expand your living space. You will probably have a yard of some sort--from "postage stamp" size up through multiple acres, and your ownership will include all of it. In effect, when you buy a single family home your purchase will be of a parcel of land (your lot) on which sits a structure (your house).Single Family Homes Advantages  Disadvantages To a large degree, "your space" is your own. You can modify or improve it as you wish.  All maintenance and repair costs--interior, exterior and everything in between--are yours. Re-sale value is generally the highest on single family detached homes.  Lack of amenities (for example, pools, playgrounds, etc.) that you may find in other types of housing. If you need more room, you can usually add on to the existing house.  You are responsible for landscaping and lawn upkeep costs. Generally there are no property management fees as there are in condominiums and many townhouses.  In most areas, single family homes are more expensive than townhouses or condominiums. 

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    有一家庭住的稱“一家庭住房”(Single family)。所謂一家庭指一幢房子裏無論其中有多少間房,只適合一家庭居住。還有兩家庭住房(Duplex)。這種房子指兩幢房子挨著建;房子的主人一幢留作自用,另一幢與父母、兄弟、姐妹住,圖得是方便,互相有個照應。

    居民住房通常分单家庭(SINGLE FAMILY)、双家庭(DUPLEX)、多家庭(MULTIFAMILY)和公寓屋(CONDOS)等形式。

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    單親家庭(single-parent family)

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    single parent family,就是我們說的“單親家庭”。就是家裡面只有母親或只有父親。 3. 這種家庭類型主要是父母離婚的產物。對話中出現的最後一種家庭類型就是blended family,混合型家庭,就是指再婚後的家庭

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    single-family是單一家庭 不是單親家庭

    single-family detached home就是台灣的透天厝

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    可是下文是和雙親住在一起....所以應該不是單親家庭的意思吧!"family"還有一個意思是"家族",會不會是單一家族的意思呢? ^^"


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    2 decades ago

    single :

    1. 單一的,單個的;個別的

    2. (用於否定句)連一個也(沒有)的

    ......EX: There was not a single person in the house.(屋子裡一個人都沒有。)

    3. 孤單的;單身的;,植物的話是指〝單瓣〞的。

    EX: single parent family 與 single-family 都是指單親家庭。 single parent 單親。

    所以 你問的 single-family 是〝單親家庭〞的意思。

    Source(s): 字典。
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    what is "single-family"?就是單親家庭的意思.

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