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    1.Hello!Ask the exchange points (points card) or the gift certificate (to refer to commodity gift certificate)?

    2.The full 1,000 Yuan can collection pointsThe full 5,000 Yuan can trade 500 Yuan gift certificates

    3.EmbarrassedThe points and the ritual volume only can 2 choose 1.Traded the gift certificate not to be able to trade the points!

    4.Asked returns can continue the shopping expense?You also miss xxx amount to be allowed to exchange 500 Yuan rituals volumes

    5.Only limits the peach garden shop useThe cosmetics cabinet cannot

    6.What complimentary gift do you want to trade?You may 3 choose 1

    7.You also are left over xx

    8.Active deadline to January 12

    9.The activity has not startedWill start from the next week 19 talents

    10.Brushes the card ritual (to refer brushes some bank card to be allowed to trade complimentary gift)

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    更改過的新版 ! 希望是 "簡潔有力" ! 沒有逐字翻,只翻意思。1.你好!請問兌換點數(點數卡)還是禮券(指商品禮券)?Hi! Are you redeeming for points or gift card?2.滿1000元能集點數一點.滿5000元能換500元禮券One point per $1,000 or a $500 gift card per $5,000.3.不好意思.點數和禮卷只能2選一.換了禮券就不能在換點數了!I am sorry, you can choose either points or gift card.4.請問還會繼續購物消費嗎?你還差xxx金額就可以在兌換500元禮卷.Would you like to spend only $xxx more to get a $500 gift card? 5.只限桃園店使用.化妝品櫃不能抵用.It's good at the Taoyuan store only.  It's not good for cosmetics.6.你想換什麼贈品?你可以3選1Which one of these three gifts would you like?7.你還剩下xx點.You have xx points left.8.活動期限到1月12日.The promotion ends on January 12th.9.活動還沒開始.從下禮拜19號才開始.The promotion begins on the 19th next week.10.刷卡禮(指刷某銀行的卡可以換贈品) gifts for using the credit card

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    1. hello! may i help you to exchange the points-card or coupon from what you had shopping?

    2. you may get one point to collect your bonus point card if you shopped ups to 1000nts , ups to 5000nts you may get 500nts gift certificate

    3. sorry, you can only choose one of those

    4. will you keep on shopping later?you will got a free 500nts gift-certificate if you go buy something eles to makes it up to 5000nts

    5. only for tao-yuan store, cant be use in any cosmetics cabinet

    6.what do you want for the free gift?you can choose 1 of those 3

    7. you got xxx points left

    8. our promotion will be ended on JAN 12

    9. our promotion will be started on next week 19th

    10. extra gift paid by credit card(means you may got an extra free gift if you pay by any credit card that announce by the bank)

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